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ConsoleWorks is your complete Security Information Management (SIM) solution. ConsoleWorks enables you to actively monitor and manage all of your networked assets, including systems, applications, databases and devices.

Corporate Data Server

ConsoleWorks monitors, manages and repairs problems on all the systems, devices and applications that make up your mission-critical computing infrastructure. It detects events as they happen, instantly notifying support personnel and taking predetermined action to correct potential problems before they adversely affect your business’s bottom line. ConsoleWorks is powerful enough to resolve key support and regulatory issues, yet it deploys in days and is intuitive to use.

Get the Complete Picture

ConsoleWorks watches everything, all the time, giving a real-time, integrated picture of your mission-critical infrastructure. Should an event require attention, ConsoleWorks will immediately alert designated personnel using methods prescribed by your business practices, such as e-mail and/or pager.

More Confidence in Your Infrastructure

Armed with your predefined instructions, ConsoleWorks atomically resolves many events before they become critical issues. ConsoleWorks provides a secure pathway to all your devices, systems and applications so your staff can address events remotely and securely, via a standard Web browser.


The advent of virtualization has presented several unique challenges for infrastructure management and compliance. The traditional “inside-out” infrastructure management approach no longer works.  Thus, ConsoleWorks has adapted an “outside in” paradigm in order to combat these challenges.

The New Paradigm:  Outside In

  • Enterprise-wide, agentless virtualization

  • Single infrastructure window replaces proprietary monitors

  • Advent of the “Self Healing” Infrastructure

  • “Always On” compliance

Visit the VIRTUALfx section of this site for additional information on security for virtualized systems.

Enhanced Security

The ability to truly identify risk only occurs when organizations are able to sift through volumes of log files and security alerts to discover the critical threats. Unfortunately, that process takes too long and by the time the analysis is finished the threat has done its damage or a hacker’s tactics have changed. ConsoleWorks solves this problem by alerting you to critical security events from all of your devices and applications in real-time, enabling you to correlate them as well. Even if you had security analysts monitoring your IT assets 24/7, it would still be impossible for them to watch everything at the same time. ConsoleWorks can and does watch everything. It stands ready to respond to malicious attacks and anomalies according to predetermined policies and procedures.

Regulatory Compliance

ConsoleWorks’ comprehensive audit trails make compliance far less taxing. ConsoleWorks is a flexible solution that addresses Sarbanes-Oxley, SAS 70, CIP (formerly NERC 1300), HIPPA and others. ConsoleWorks is a solution that can be sustained over time, is scalable to meet new regulatory issues and can secure your growing infrastructure.

Improve Your Business Operations

ConsoleWorks improves your business operations and financial results in three main ways:

  1. Companies that have deployed ConsoleWorks have reported as much as a 100% improvement in operations personnel efficiency. They can do more with less. This is enough to justify the investment.
  2. Customers have also realized a significant savings in the cost of monitoring and managing data centers.
  3. ConsoleWorks users have also experienced a greater mean time between data center failures, as well as a lesser mean time to remediation of those same failures. The financial benefits have been quite meaningful.

ConsoleWorks is a registered trademark of TDi Technologies Inc. Pinnacle Systems Corporation is a licensed distributor of ConsoleWorks.


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